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Activities List


  • Set up your page with ng-app and the ng-controller
  • Links to CSS and AngularJs javascripts
  • Hide input field until activity edit button is clicked, in which case you show input field and hide text:
<body ng-app="sparta">
    <div class="container" ng-controller="CompetitionController">
        <div ng-repeat="activity in activities">
            <div ng-show="activity.isEdited">
                <input type="text" ng-model=""/> - <input type="text" ng-model="activity.points"/>
                <button ng-click="activity.isEdited = false">Ok</button>
            <div ng-hide="activity.isEdited">
                {{}} - {{activity.points}} 
                <button ng-click="activity.isEdited = true">Edit</button>
                <button ng-click="removeActivity(activity)">Remove</button>
    <div class="addNew">
        <button ng-click="addNewActivity()">Add New</button>

Javascript Code

  • Delcare you AngularJs module.
  • Define $scope variable and initialise with Json data.
  • Define your functions in the $scope.
  • addNewActivity() function and the editActivity() function and how to inline edit the two input fields and save the changes back into the array.
  • Use push() and pop() to add remove items from your list.
  • Use splice(index,number of items to remove) to change your list.

app = angular.module("sparta", []);

window.CompetitionController = function($scope) {

     $scope.activities = [{
        id: 6431,
        name: "Meeting",
        points: 20
    }, {
        id: 6432,
        name: "Deal",
        points: 100
    $scope.addNewActivity = function() {

        //This function should create 2 new input fields
        //The user should input the name and points
        //We can ignore the id for now
        //Then the object should be craeted and pushed in as you see below with the mock data.
        var updatedActivities = {
                id: 6433,
                name: "Call",
                points: 5
    $scope.editActivity = function(activity) {
        var selectedActivity = activity;
    $scope.removeActivity = function(activity) {
        activityId =; //the activity id

        var i = 0;
        for (var item in $scope.activities) {
            if ($scope.activities[item].id == activityId)

        $scope.activities.splice(i, 1);

Code in JSFiddle Activities App code